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Two in three Belgians wish to end Muslim immigration

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Two in three Belgians want Muslim immigration to end.
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Almost two in three Belgians (64%) wish to end immigration from majority Muslim countries. This emerges from a study of 10,000 people in 10 European countries, led by the British international affairs think tank, Chatham House. The investigation concerned was actually produced before the American President, Donald Trump, signed his Muslim migration-based decree, suspended yesterday (Wednesday). In the countries questioned, a majority of those surveyed responded positively to the assertion that Muslim immigration should be put on hold.

The British think tank indicated, when commenting upon its study, “Our results are striking and somewhat sobering. They suggest that opposition to immigration coming from majority Muslim countries is not confined to the US electorate but is widespread across the West.”

The individuals questioned had to approve, or disapprove of the following statement: “We should put an end to all further immigration from majority Muslim countries.” On average, 55% of respondents said that they agreed with this statement, 25% neither “were neutral” and 20% of them disagreed with the statement.

It was only in the United Kingdom (47%) and Spain (41%) where there were a minority, as opposed to a majority, of respondents against migratory population flows.

The countries which stated being most hostile to the immigrants from majority Muslim countries were Poland (71%), Austria (65%), Hungary and Belgium (64%), as well as France (61%).

“In these countries, at least 38% surveyed strongly approved of the statement. Except Poland, these countries have all either been at the centre of the migration crisis or experienced terror attacks in recent years,” the researchers stress.

Lars Andersen
The Brussels Times