Brussels Criminal Court: 18-month prison sentence with probation order for exhibitionism

The Hal-Vilvorde Public Prosecutor yesterday (Wednesday) requested an 18-month prison sentence with a probation order for a man, originally from Great Britain. This was for parading himself for nearly a year on his terrace and small garden in front of his home. The man explained that he fell into a deep depression after several years of loneliness.

The man had no previous form, before he began to parade naked from summer 2015 on his terrace and the small garden in front of his house.

Children in a day nursery situated close by never saw the man but the female nursery school teachers did. However, they never alerted the police. In the end, residents called the police.

However, despite the police presence in the locality, the man did not cease his activities. He was finally arrested in 2016. Since then, there have been no further incidents.

The Public Prosecutor requested that the man receive a suspended probationary prison sentence, so that he could be given time to benefit from psychological support. This was an argument which was not contradicted by the Defence.

The barrister for the man in his fifties said, “After a six-year relationship, in his youth, my client had not been in a couple for many years.” The legal representative went on, “For the last 16 years, he has been entirely alone. This loneliness has led to severe depression with the consequences that you are now fully aware of.”

Final sentencing is due to take place on March 1st.

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