Electrabel to install more wind turbines

Electrabel to install more wind turbines
Engie Electrabel is looking to turn up the power!

Engie Electrabel is reviewing its forecasts for the increase in wind turbines. By 2020, the electricity generator is anticipating a capacity of 500 MW in the country (onshore).
Up until now, the company was only banking upon a capacity of 400 MW. The group will provide a capital injection of some 300 million euros for this market segment.

The initial objective, set down in 2014, was to double onshore wind capacity by 2020, going from 200 to 400 MW, or the capacity of a small nuclear power station.

A spokesman has said that Electrabel will reach this level by the end of 2018, mainly owing to faster growth than anticipated in Flanders.

The possibility of increased capacity of 500 MW is currently being put forward, taking account of the favourable planned location in the north of the country. The spokesman added, “The legal framework permits us to install further wind farms in Flanders.”

At the current time, Electrabel has an onshore wind farm capacity of 256 MW in Belgium.

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