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Man kills father before then killing himself in Waterloo

The body of a man in his sixties was discovered at his home in Waterloo yesterday night (Tuesday). The Walloon Brabant Public Prosecutor’s Office stated this today (Wednesday).

Initial evidence suggests that he may have been killed by his son, who then committed suicide.

Not hearing from the inhabitant of Rue Verseau, worried loved ones alerted the police. Upon visiting the home yesterday evening around 8 p.m., Waterloo police discovered the son’s body, as well as that of his father lying in a pool of blood.

An argument may have broken out between the two men, with the son then cracking his father’s skull. This was the information provided to the Walloon Brabant Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office’s said that the son’s body was found with a plastic bag covering his face. At this stage, judicial authorities favour the lead of this being a case involving a murder followed by a suicide.

Several letters found on the premises suggest that the two men had been living through very difficult circumstances for a year, and reveal the sad passing of their wife and mother. The tragic turn of events happened at the weekend.

A team from the Forensic Science Laboratory and several forensic doctors have also visited the scene.

The Brussels Times