Tasers to be tested in 15 local police zones

Tasers to be tested in 15 local police zones
Taser trial goes down with a bang!

Fifteen local police zones, each equipped with a special unit, will test special taser guns. This was indicated yesterday (Wednesday) by the Minister for the Interior, Jan Jambon, in a parliamentary committee.

An evaluation of the trial's success will follow the test period.

Some 35 zones applied to participate in this trial. The Minister added that the 15 chosen are doing so as they are equipped with a special unit for testing already.

All use of these non-lethal weapons, during the six-month period, will be the subject of a report compiled after the trial.

The liberal police trade union had published a strike notice, initiating a strike against the use of tasers by the police. It says that there is no legal basis for their use.

Mr Jambon disputed this police trade union’s analysis before the deputies in the parliamentary committee. Moreover, the Minister's office will meet the union to discuss this issue at the end of this week.

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