Property investment the norm in Belgium

Property investment the norm in Belgium
Credit: Belga

In the event of a large inheritance (€300,000), the average Belgian is likely to devote a large part of this (42.6%) into property investment. This is per a study led by Beobank today (Monday).

Conversely only some 11.6% of the total amount is likely to be invested. The rest will, in all probability, be split between savings (20%), various purchases (13.2%) and lifetime legacies (9.2%).

Excluding inheritances, 58% of Belgians state that they are not active on the investment market.

Amongst the under 35s, the proportion even reaches 74%. This is per a study involving a sample of 1,000 people led by iVox.

Beobank reports that age is not the only variable. “When compared with holders of higher education qualifications, those without a qualification are also more numerous in saying that they do not make investments (62% compared to 51%).”

The most popular forms of investment are investment funds (24%), life insurance investments (19%) and shares (18%). Approximately one in ten Belgians have investment bonds of some description.

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