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One parent in 20 gets parental burn-out

One parent in 20 in Wallonia and Brussels gets parental burn-out, according to a study by UCL researchers. The study was requested by Christian Health Insurers. The Sudpresse papers reported on the story on Saturday.

The study says that if a parent suffers from at least two of the three symptoms on their list, they probably have parental burn-out. It is as yet relatively new and little known. Being physically and emotionally exhausted is one of the symptoms. A progressive distance between the parent and their own children is another. A lack of joy or efficiency in their role as a mother or father is the third symptom. “When two of these three symptoms are present and obvious, they are probably suffering from parental burn-out”, explains Moïra Mikolajczak, who is behind the study.

5% of the parents asked suffered from it, and another 8% are at risk of suffering from it. The researchers say the most determining factors are the parent’s personality, their relationship with parenting and the conjugal relationship.

(Source: Belga)