Twenty arrests in large-scale police operation against drug trafficking

Last week, the Benelux and French police and customs authorities organised a massive joint operation against drug trafficking and drug tourism. In Belgium, 141 of the 1,313 people that were checked were in possession of drugs, the federal police said Monday. The police made 20 arrests and seized 14 vehicles.

A total of 240 police officers took part in the operation. Checks were carried out along highways and provincial roads, on trains, in buses and in buildings as well as on the Rotterdam-Roosendaal-Antwerp-Paris and Maastricht-Liège-Luxembourg-Metz traffic routes.

In Belgium, 1,313 people, 737 vehicles and 49 trains were inspected. The police counted 141 people in possession of drugs and 17 under the influence. Notably, the Belgian police seized 1.3 kilos of marijuana, 318 grams of hashish, 350 cannabis plants, 27 grams of cocaine, 115 grams of amphetamines, 171 items of ecstasy (XTC) and nine weapons.

Postal inspections carried out by the customs authorities of the province of Antwerp also seized 30 grams and 169 cannabis seeds, 6.5 grams of cocaine, 158 pills of ecstasy and 56.6 grams of MDMA.

"The operation has been a real success thanks to the Benelux treaty for police cooperation", the federal police said in a statement. This treaty allows Benelux police officers to prosecute and control suspects in the three countries.

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