Muslim Executive does not approve assessment by Flemish mediator

Muslim Executive does not approve assessment by Flemish mediator
The Muslim Executive of Belgium is somewhat concerned about rumours misrepresenting its views on ritual slaughter.

The Muslim Executive of Belgium (“the EMB”) has not approved the assessment of the Flemish mediator in the issue of slaughter without stunning.
It made this known yesterday (Wednesday). Moreover it has became aware of the Flemish majority's political agreement through the media.

The Executive is insisting upon the significance granted to animal welfare in the Islamic faith. However, it “regrets that some rumours allude to the EMB’s potential approval relating to the method of stunning.”

It added, “These rumours have absolutely no reflection upon reality. Moreover, the EMB had sent a written assessment to Mr Vanthemsche in which the principles of Islam around animal welfare, and the need to maintain ritual slaughter, were clearly stressed.”

The Executive goes further saying, Muslims have the right to be able to eat “Halal” food, this being food in line with their traditional rituals. With this in mind, the Executive's Theological Council issued a negative opinion with regard to stunning. “To date, its position remains unchanged.”

Nevertheless the Executive is prepared to “examine all avenues leading to an improvement in animal welfare, by reducing animal suffering as much as possible within the slaughtering.”

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