A million euros per year to develop cycle networks in Walloon Brabant

A million euros per year to develop cycle networks in Walloon Brabant

On thursday, Marc Bastin (MR) officially launched the “Points Nodes” network, which will cover the whole of Walloon Brabant from the end of 2017. When undertaking this the provincial deputy, with responsibility for Transport, stated that a million euros per year has already been allocated to assist the various communes to both improve and secure the network.

Through annual projects appeals, the Walloon Brabant province will finance 80% of the works planned by the communes. This will be part of the 1,050 kilometres of the new cycle network. The marking out and signage for these works, completely at the province’s cost, are estimated at 500,000 euros.

Such marking out and signage work is currently in progress, starting from eastern Walloon Brabant, and will be completed at the end of 2017.

To ensure that this network of “slow lanes” criss-crossing the provincial territory continues over time, it is also anticipated that the maintenance work for the marking out and signs is undertaken by the province. A provincial official will be specifically dedicated to supervising this ongoing maintenance. The annual cost of this is projected to be a maximum of 23,400 euros.

Although the cycle tracks of the new “Points Nodes” network will completely finished by the end of this year, not all of the routes will be in excellent condition.

The annual “cycle network” plans appeal, intended for the communes, will allow them to be progressively improved, with a provincial contribution of 80% to the construction costs. During 2016, such subsidies have already enabled the laying out of more than 8,400 metres of the cycle network.

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