Terrorist threat: Aldi Talk withdraws offer of prepaid cards

Aldi Talk will withdraw its offer of prepaid telephone cards. The store chain says that it is not in a position to organise the registration of cardholder customers, as per the new regulations in the fight against terrorism.

Test-Achats (the third sector consumer protection organisation) laments this announcement. It stresses that Aldi's offer was the most advantageous for occasional users of mobile telephones.

The government has decided, as part of the fight against terrorism, to put an end to the possibility of using a given GSM device anonymously. Prepaid cardholders will have to identify themselves. GSM operators have until the end of June to comply with the new rules.

The regulator has conducted checks and noted that four companies were non-compliant. Although Aldi did not participate in these checks, the company decided of its own volition to end its offer. Customers are therefore invited to spend call credit by June 6th.

Those wishing to keep their number must have changed provider by the same deadline date.

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