Jumet terrorist network: daughter of Molenbeek alderman charged
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Jumet terrorist network: daughter of Molenbeek alderman charged

Inès El Khannouss, the daughter of the Alderman for Sports in Molenbeek, Ahmed El Khannouss (Humanist Democratic Centre), was charged with terrorist-related offences earlier this year.
This occurred as part of the case relating to the Jumet terrorist network. Yesterday (Sunday) RTL Info reported that several members of the network had had the intention to go to Syria.

Arrested for questioning in February, Miss El Khannouss was set free, provided she abided with a number of conditions.

The Federal Prosecutor’s Office confirmed yesterday that she will, once again, go before the criminal court on a date yet to be fixed.

Ahmed El Khannouss indicated in a communiqué, “The only evidence to explain why my daughter has been cited in this case is based upon the fact that she simply fell in love without her parents’ knowledge.”

He said, “The object of her affection was one of those charged, who hid both his activities and views from her.”

Her father went on, “She is a blossoming student whose behaviour is beyond reproach. She was the naive victim of a loving relationship for her part, which in fact turned out to be entirely false.”

Mr El Khannouss concluded, “As she declared clearly to the courts, my daughter has never championed radical theories and has always practised the moderate and open Islam of her parents. She has always denounced all forms of radicalism within society. All of the evidence in the case demonstrates this.”

Mr El Khannouss added, “This case therefore does not have the least link to terrorist-related activities. It is just a simple unfortunate love story.”

He said that he was “distraught” by this case.

A source close to the case indicated that Inès El Khannouss has never been arrested as part of the proceedings, and has only been charged as a form of last resort.

Her lawyer, Michel Bouchat, last Wednesday pleaded before the court in chambers that the proceedings against her should be terminated. He put this to the court prior to her future reappearance before the criminal court being decided.

If found guilty by the criminal court upon reappearing before it, Miss El Khannouss would still have the possibility of a right of appeal.

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