A violent man rips the door off a police car in Liège

A suspect appeared before the Liège Prosecutor’s Office on Sunday morning. He was charged with resisting arrest and damaging a police vehicle, according to the magistrate on duty.

Liège police officers were called to a tavern called “La Point de Vue” at 01:50am on Sunday morning. It’s located in the Carré neighbourhood on the corner of rue Pot d’Or and Tête de Boeuf. The bouncers decided to eject several troublemakers to end a fight that had broken out. This included a young man from Liège who was born in 1993.

He rebelled against the inspectors, and continuously insulted them. During his arrest, he kicked the back door of a police car several times, so hard it eventually came off. He already has a criminal record for various offences. He will be charged with resisting arrest, being disorderly in public and criminal damage. He will appear before the Correctional Tribunal as part of an accelerated procedure very soon.

(Source: Belga)

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