Belgium achieved a household packaging recycling rate of 87.4%

Belgium achieved a household packaging recycling rate of 87.4%

In 2016, Belgium achieved a recycling rate of 87.4% for household packaging, according to the Fost Plus association, which handles collection, sorting and recycling. This gives Belgium a "European leader" status in this regard, according to Fost Plus. Over the past year, the association also announced that it has pursued its goal of expanding the collection of plastic packaging, as well as the fight against litter.

In addition to the recycling rate, Fost Plus also welcomed the 90% rate of recovery in 2016.

Operational costs related to selective collection and recycling have increased in 2016, due in particular to the additional resources released in the field of litter control, the non-profit organisation notes.

Finally, revenues from the sale of materials increased from € 60.4 million to € 59.6 million (-1.3%). This decline is mainly attributable to the decline in recycled PET revenues, whose prices have reached a particularly low level.

Fost Plus has also decided to launch a strategic study on the collection, sorting and recycling system for household packaging waste, which is aimed at creating a plan of action to improve the system.

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