Prisoner from the Jamioulx prison escapes during medical transfer

A prisoner from the Jamioulx prison, who was undergoing a medical visit to the Notre-Dame de Charleroi hospital in Charleroi, succeeded in escaping yesterday afternoon (Monday). When returning to the taxi transporting him, he elbowed both wardens supervising him and fled.

He is not considered to be dangerous.

A judicial source indicated that, as alluded to above, a prisoner from Jamioulx prison succeeded in escaping during a medical transfer.

The individual concerned, who is not considered to be a dangerous, was taken by taxi to the Notre-Dame de Charleroi hospital.

During his return to the taxi, the suspect may have faked an illness of some form, before elbowing the wardens supervising him and fleeing.

When contacted by the Belga press agency, the local Charleroi police did not wish to comment upon the incident. The fugitive’s identity has not yet been revealed.

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