Eurovision 2017 - Blanche takes Belgium through to Eurovision final

Eurovision 2017 - Blanche takes Belgium through to Eurovision final
Blanche, Belgium's entry for the Eurovision Song Contest, was overjoyed to be included in the event which takes place this coming Saturday.

Blanche, the young Belgian participant, at the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest, qualified yesterday evening (Tuesday) for the final of the event. This will take place on Saturday in the city of Kiev in the Ukraine. During the first semi-final, which saw 18 nations on the stage, the singer was included amongst the ten participants that qualified for the final.

This came after a slightly nervous performance of her song City Lights.

The list of finalists from this first semi-final, revealed by the evening's presenters in no particular order, also includes Moldova, Azerbaijan, Greece, Sweden, Portugal, Poland, Armenia, Australia and Cyprus.

Belgium was announced last, when the suspense was at its height.

The Belgian contestant could not hide her emotion at being included amongst the finalists.

The second semi-final, with 18 other countries, will take place on May 11th (tomorrow).

The ten best contestants from each semi-final will join the Ukraine (the host nation) in the final on Saturday.

Along with the Ukraine, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom will also join them, all six countries qualifying automatically for the international competition.

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