Mr Peeters calls funeral sector to order

Mr Peeters calls funeral sector to order
Mr Peeters is requesting a meeting to discuss prices with the funeral sector.

An inspection conducted by the FPS Economy reveals that funeral directors’ prices have increased by 35 percent over ten years.
In addition, two-thirds of businesses are not complying with the relevant regulations.

The Minister for Consumers, Kris Peeters, is demanding an explanation by the funeral sector. This is indicated by the daily newspaper group, Mediahuis.

Mr Peeters flags up, “A burial is a significant cost for the deceased’s family.”

He goes on, “It is during these very moments, that loved ones haven’t always got the energy to check price lists. It is for this reason that price transparency is very important.”

The majority of offences (some 57 per cent) concern prices which are unclear or the funeral directors not completing the relevant order forms properly.

Mr Peeters has sent a letter to the Federation of Funeral Directors. In it he has requested that a meeting with the sector be scheduled at his department as quickly as possible. He would like clarification to be provided on price increases and offences.

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