Cell to fight terrorism at sea

Cell to fight terrorism at sea
The Secretary of State for the North Sea, Philippe De Backer, is pleased that the infrastructure to combat terrorism at sea will soon be operational.

Belgium will implement a service responsible for fighting the terrorist threat at sea. The federal organisation for maritime security will, in fact, be created this year. This is in De Tijd today (Wednesday). It will be responsible for “screening” ships, in pursuit of potential radicalised staff. This new cell will have five workers, who are likely to need to collaborate with customs, the army, and shipping police.

The Secretary of State for the North Sea, Philippe De Backer (Open Vld), says “The cell will work on a permanent basis, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. It will call upon various international services for assistance. It will be able to better monitor the navigation history of boats arriving upon our shores.”

This organ will also be able to aid Belgian boats, around the world, in their security against piracy and terrorism. The Secretary of State further indicated, “Boats are an ideal means for terrorist and criminal organisations, to transport large quantities of weapons illegally.”

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