L. Onkelinx's daughter had a job at Samusocial; it was not fictitious

L. Onkelinx's daughter had a job at Samusocial; it was not fictitious

Sara, the daughter of Laurette Onkelinx, the president of the Brussels Federation of Lausanne, was employed at Samusocial, admitted Mrs. Onkelinx on Tuesday morning. The statement was made through the spokesman of the presidency of the federation. This was a job that the young woman was engaged in from 2011 to 2013 and the position which she held was not fictitious, contrary to an hypothesis that was made based on anonymous testimonies and put forward in the dailies, De Morgen and Het Laatste Nieuws in their Tuesday editions.

According to the spokesperson of the president of the Brussels federation of the SP, the young woman was unemployed when she applied for this job, which required the accompanying of asylum seekers and the homeless.

The daily newspaper, De Morgen, said in its Tuesday edition that relatives of socialist representatives had landed jobs in Samusocial: the brother of the former mayor, Yvan Mayeur, had obtained a job as the material manager and the daughters of Pascale Peraïta and Laurette Onkelinx had also obtained positions respectively.

As for the latter, an anonymous source that was quoted by De Morgen referred to an internship and another source to a "fictitious job" that had been created for her without publication of an offer.

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