Suicide Prevention Centre: 35 calls per day in 2016

Suicide Prevention Centre: 35 calls per day in 2016

Last year, the telephone rang about 13,000 times at the Centre for Suicide Prevention, wrote La Libre Belgique on Tuesday. The report was based on the association's 2016 activities report, published on Monday. The number is equivalent to an average of 35 calls answered each day at the free and anonymous number of the association (0800 32 123).

The centre's Department for Psychological Crisis Intervention (CIPC) received 123 follow-up requests in 2016, of which one-third (40) were made by people who were attempting suicide or who were considering suicide. This resulted in 105 actual support cases of people coming to the department after making an appointment. Women (69%) were far more prevalent than men.

For the majority of patients and their families, the crisis work (5 appointments on average) is sufficient.

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