The Crossborder project will make it easier to collect road fines, including foreign fines

The Crossborder project will make it easier to collect road fines, including foreign fines

Immediate payment proposals, settlement proposals, injunctions to be paid and all other documents related to traffic violations will now be issued automatically, announced federal ministers Koen Geens (Justice), Jan Jambon (Interior) and François Bellot (Mobility). The system, known as Crossborder, will also facilitate the collection of fines from foreign offenders.

"This project will release 270 police officers who will be able to focus on finding more offences", Geens said. "Up to now, for every police officer in the field, it was necessary to have one and a half in the 'back office'", added Jan Jambon. "This project will allow our police officers to be relieved of excessive red tape."

Police, prosecutors and police courts will be able to focus on their core tasks, namely disputes and prosecutions. The police judge will no longer have to intervene for the issuing of fines.

Specifically, a Belgian or foreigner that has been fined will always receive his documents by post. But he will be directed to a website ( where the follow-up of his case will be assured. Another change: from Monday, it will be possible to pay fines online by credit card using the number of the fine and the date of the offence.

For foreign drivers from French-speaking, Dutch-speaking and German-speaking countries, a suitable report will be sent to them. The seven countries concerned are France, the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Liechtenstein and Monaco. "Foreigners who commit serious offences on our roads, will likewise not be able to escape the penalties imposed on them", added François Bellot.

Finally, in order to encourage offenders to accept immediate payment proposals, settlement proposals will be increased by 33%. The increase will be 35% in the case of payment injunctions being issued.

Justice has invested 5.6 million euros in this project.

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