Number of Brusselers working in Flanders on the up

Number of Brusselers working in Flanders on the up

The number of people living in the capital but working in Flanders has increased by 8.3% over the past five years. This is per figures from VDAB (the Flanders employment agency) and Actiris. This is reported in De Tijd on Wednesday. The flow of workers making the converse journey each day is tending to reduce. There has been a 5% decrease over the same period.

Some 222,000 Flemish inhabitants were travelling to work in the Brussels region at the end of 2016. At the same time, a little under 50,000 Brusselers were working in Flanders. The increase in this second category is likely to continue. This is in particularly due to the ageing Flemish population and the abundance of youngsters in the capital. The latter are often low-skilled workers.

In view of facilitating the employment of this young Brussels population in Flanders, in particular those employing peripheral workers, Actiris and VDAB have recently strengthened their partnership-working. Each jobseeker approaching Actiris is also receiving, from now on, the offer to seek work in Flanders through VDAB. The possibility of improving their Dutch is also offered to such jobseekers.

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