The cdH “will not bend” under pressure on the granting of status to childcare providers

The cdH “will not bend” under pressure on the granting of status to childcare providers
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The Minister for Childhood for the Federation of Wallonia-Brussels (FWB), Alda Greoli, assured dozens of childcare providers that the cdH “will not bend” under pressure.

The attending childcare providers had come to express their concern following the francophone political crisis. Obtaining status for childcare providers is a “real priority today and for the next government”, she said. The CSC took action at noon in front of the headquarters of the cdH in Brussels to obtain a commitment in this regard.

“Tired of just talk! We want action!”, “Words, words, words … Unkept promises!”, could be read on the placards being held by a dozen childcare providers in front of the seat of the cdH. Under Dalida’s “Words, words”, the Christian Union awarded the “Prix du Jury Moulins à Vent 2017” prize to the cdH “for their performance on the topic of broken promises”.

Childcare providers are allowed by ONE (Office of Birth and Childhood) to accommodate children aged 0-6 years. They are paid per service rendered, which makes their income highly variable and precarious. A group of organisations was formed four years ago in order to claim employee status for childcare providers.

An agreement had been reached with Mrs Greoli to set up a pilot experiment with 200 female childcare providers and then grant the appropriate status to all childcare providers from 2018, explains Sylvie Potier, permanent member of CNE, the Christian Centre for Employees. “Since Benoit Lutgen (the president of the cdH) discontinued government involvement (of the FWB but also in Wallonia and Brussels, editor’s note), everything is now in danger”, she says. “We want to hear from him personally that whatever the majority that is ultimately formed may be, the commitment will be pursued.”

Minister Alda Greoli wanted to “step down” before receiving the delegation, along with Mr Lutgen. “As soon as a government is formed, the case will be put directly on the table”, she insisted, without committing to a specific date of entry into force of the statute. The union demands that it be implemented on January 1, 2018.

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