Workers in over 55 category significantly increase in number

The number of workers over 55 years has doubled in five years in Wallonia. This emerged on Thursday from a study by the service group, RH Acerta. At national level, there has been a greater than 50% increase since 2011, now reaching a rate of around 6%.

In 2016, 5.92% of workers taken on were in this age group in the province, compared to 3.04% in 2011 (amounting to an increase of 95%). This phenomenon particularly affects women as 74% more of them are working, compared to 30% more men.

Acerta says that it applies more in Wallonia and Brussels. This is because both regions had, you might say, to play catch-up, in terms of taking on workers who are more advanced in years. However, for HR providers, 6% remains a low rate in the context of both the ageing population and the drop in the pension age.

Olivier Macq, a lawyer cited in a communiqué, indicates, “Employers are looking for solutions relative to the shortage in the diverse profiles within the employment market. It appears that they are observing more often than previously that workers over 55 can also meet the need." He went on, “It is therefore, particularly now, a question of confirming this change of mind-set in the years to come. Our initial estimates for 2017 are, in any event, promising.”

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