National Day – Google puts on its very best Belgian finery for July 21st

National Day – Google puts on its very best Belgian finery for July 21st

Internet users in Belgium surfing the Web today (July 21st), and specifically, will not see the celebrated usual logo of the Internet giant which they are used to. The American company has announced that a specific doodle has indeed been planned for National Day. The Belgian designer, Steebz Khuan, has brought together a number of Belgian tourist sites. This is the third time that a Belgian designer has created a doodle for Google.

This is not, however, the first time that Google has adapted its home page for July 21st. For example, it did this in 2012 and 2015. Typical dishes – mussels, chicory, chocolate, Brussels sprouts, waffles and chips have thus been chosen for this year to as a means of illustrating Belgian culture.

Steebz Khuan, or Steve Reggers to use his real name, has also this year chosen to showcase quintessential Belgian landscapes. The artist, 42, originally from Riemst commented, “Our country is fairly small for us to know every nook and cranny: it ideally lends itself to a map which emphasises all its various landforms and dimensions. Using this doodle, I have tried to bring together the maximum number of different landscapes.”

On the web page, we can see the Palais Royal and the Grand-Place in Brussels, but also less traditionally well known places, such as the Château de Bouillon (a castle), the Namur castle or the Perron de Liège (an attractive stone column).

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