Egypt: Belgian imprisoned for death of spouse

A young Belgian, aged 32, originally from Waregem died whilst on holiday. The incident happened in suspicious circumstances. The local media are indicating that her husband, aged 34, has been taken into custody. The West Flanders Prosecutor’s Office has not been kept up to date with the case.

Gregory V. and Sofie D. were married a few weeks ago, before leaving for Egypt. Egyptian media say that the body of the young woman was found in the couple’s hotel room in Charm el-Cheikh. The victim is thought to have suffered several violent blows. However, the context in which these were delivered remains unclear.

The victim’s husband was arrested by Egyptian investigators. The man is thought to have hit his spouse whilst drunk. Local media are reporting that the victim had bruises prior to the incident.

Gregory V. is not unknown to the courts. At the end of 2016, he appeared before the Courtrai criminal court for domestic violence. The accused had at that time confirmed that he had reduced his alcohol consumption, and was leading a healthier lifestyle. He is compelled to appear before the judge again on August 7th to answer the charges of obstructing police officers in the course of their duty and assaulting police officers.

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