“Normal” - keyword to define Belgium's July weather

“Normal” - keyword to define Belgium's July weather
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The Royal Meteorological Institute (known as “the IRM”) indicated on Tuesday, in an initial climate assessment, that July’s weather hit seasonal norms from all perspectives. This observation applies as much to temperatures as rainfall, thunderstorm days, hours of sunshine and even wind speed.

In detail, the average monthly temperature was 18.6°C (seasonal norm: 18.4°C) in Uccle. Average maximum temperatures reached 23.1°C (seasonal norm: 23°C) minimum temperatures 14°C (seasonal norm: 14°C). The highest temperature was 29.5°C (seasonal norm: 30.7°C) and the lowest was 8.8°C (seasonal norm: 9.3°C).

In the rest of the country, the highest temperature was noted on July 19th in Lichtervelde being 33.5°C. The lowest temperature, 0.8°C, was measured on July 13th in Elsenborn (Bütgenbach).

The sun shone in Uccle for total of 183 hours and 34 minutes (the seasonal norm being 200 hours and 42 minutes), which amounted to normal hours of sunshine for the month. In Brussels, the IRM recorded a total of 58.3 mm of rainfall (seasonal norm: 73.5 mm) in 18 days (the norm being over 14.3 days). This was the eighth consecutive month during which there was a rainfall deficit.

Regional rainfall quantities measured in Belgium are significantly variable compared to seasonal norms. These rainfall quantities were made up of between around 50% of seasonal norms in the ‘Tournaisis’ and 145% in Belgian Lorraine. Furthermore, there have been 14 days of thunderstorms in Belgium during the course of the past month (seasonal norm: 13.3 days), and in Uccle the average wind speed was also in line with seasonal norms at 3.3 metres/second (seasonal norm: 3.2 metres/second).

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