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Burn-out coaches will regulate themselves

In Flanders, it will soon be possible to submit complaints on Burn-out coaches who give a medical diagnosis, work in an unethical way, or continue to see patients just to make more money. A new group wants to put an end to charlatan practices and put a disciplinary body in place, Het Laatste Nieuws and De Morgen reported on Saturday.

Burn-out has become more and more common in modern-day society, and this has led to the apparition of Burn-out coaches. Their number has risen by 400% since 2012, reaching 1,000 practitioners. Training courses have sprung up everywhere, and experts have inundated the book market.

“Things are going well, especially as they are getting help from public authorities that hand out subsidies without asking questions”, the Het Laatste Nieuws said. They mentioned incidents where subsidy systems had been abused, like the PME portefeuille and career cheque in Flanders.

The Association of recognised anti-stress and burn-out coaches (VESB) has had enough, and wants to take action against these fraudsters. “A minority are tarnishing our image”, says the President Annita Rogier. “That’s why we have decided to create an independent disciplinary body that patients can submit complaints to.”

(Source: Belga)