Belgian runner crosses Europe to raise awareness on obesity

Belgian runner crosses Europe to raise awareness on obesity

The Belgian-Brazilian runner Ralph Mesuita is running across Europe to raise awareness on child obesity. He is starting from Leuven today and reaches Brussels at 4.30 pm, arriving in Park Cinquantinaire around 5 pm.

Ralph and his team started on 5 July from Cap Nord in Norway. His course takes him from Norway to Spain. In total, he will run 5200 km in 75 days. The young student enrolled at KU Leuven, wants to highlight the problem of child obesity and raise funds to fight the phenomenon.

In the European Union, one child out of three aged between 6 to 9 , shows signs of obesity. According to the European Childhood Obesity Group, which supports the runner’s initiative, it is possible to prevent childhood obesity.

Ralph encourages anyone who wants to run with him to join the course and thus support the awareness initiative “Let’s beat obesity together”. He wants to promote the importance of regular exercise, a healthy diet and raie general awareness of the health problems associated with obesity.

“This project is a great challenge for me”, indicated Ralph Mesuita, who is studying to become a physiotherapist. Ralph is currently ranked among the 100 best runners in Belgium. He is scheduled to arrive in Tarifa, south of Spain, by the end of September. 

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