About 1,000 persons in Malmedy for giant omelette

About 1,000 persons in Malmedy for giant omelette
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About 1,000 persons went to the town of Malmedy on Tuesday for the traditional August 15 giant omelette, even though the Fipronil egg crisis and the gloomy weather discouraged many would-be visitors. “This year we’ll begin with 6,500 eggs, to which we’ve added 25 kg of bacon, 50 litres of oil and chives,” Bénédicte Mathy, president of the Giant Omelette Confraternity, said.

While visitors came in much smaller numbers than in previous years, the press flocked to the event from countries such as Germany, Italy, France and China.


“We’re a global confraternity, so it’s interesting for us to be seen as a serious group that has organized this event without making light of the crisis now affecting the sector,” said Mrs. Mathy.

The distribution of the omelette began just before 1.15 pm, under a few drops of rain.

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