Signs of radicalisation amongst Flanders nursery school children

Signs of radicalisation amongst Flanders nursery school children
The report indicates that nursery school children at Renaix are, amongst other worrying behaviours, making “death threats” against non-Muslim classmates and gestures imitating throat-slitting. © Belga

A nursery school in Renaix, in East Flanders is concerned about signs of Islamist “radicalisation” spotted by nursery school teachers. This emerges from an internal report carried out by the school, reported by Het Laatste Nieuws on Monday.

It may be a first in Flanders, in the terms of the age of individuals appearing to show such signs. The Renaix nursery school’s internal report indicates that the problem behaviours observed are various. These include, for example, reciting verses of the Koran during playtime, not attending nursery on Friday for religious reasons, or refusing to hold hands with others.

However, more worryingly, there is also the issue of “death threats” pronounced against so-called “non-believers” (non-Muslims) as well as children being treated as “pigs”, and children making gestures imitating throat-slitting.

One objective of the Netwerk Islamexperten, “a network of Islam specialists”, is to suggest tailored solutions to Flemish schools in the fight against radicalisation. Since the beginning of the project in 2016, the network has opened some 481 cases for schools either putting questions to it or reporting problems on the issue.

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