Federal police buy mobile scanners for abandoned luggage

Federal police buy mobile scanners for abandoned luggage
The scanners will enable safe, quick and efficient analysis of discarded bags.

The federal police are buying three portable scanners. This will enable quick screening of discarded bags, and checks as to whether they contain explosives, amongst other things. The police stated, “The objective is analyse safely, and in a quick and efficient manner, suspect discarded baggage so as to know whether it contains explosives, weapons or other devices.” The new devices will be able to be used both inside and outside.

Operations of this type are increasingly numerous. The Service for Removal and Destruction of Explosive Devices (known as “SEDEE”) has intervened 320 times for suspect packages in a year and a half, or four interventions per week. This compares to the period during 2014-2015 when the bomb disposal services intervened twice a week on average.

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