One in five mosques checked for extremism in 2016

Last year, State security investigated 58 places of worship as part of the fight against radical Islamism. That means that one in five Belgian mosques was checked, according to Justice Minister Koen Geens. De Tijd reported on it on Saturday.

56 places of worship and 57 Islamic associations (compared to 61 in 2016) attracted the attention of Intelligence services in 2015, the Minister said when asked by MR MP Philippe Pivin.

A judicial investigation was launched in certain specific cases. State security inspects a mosque for several reasons: the mosque management, the imams that preach there or the visitors.   

The service highlighted the fact that nearly all the mosques investigated were not recognised. “Our investigations focus on threats like extremism, the radicalisation process and terrorism. In this context, the religious communities are rarely recognised. Terrorist groups are not known for their theological training, on the contrary”.

(Source: Belga)

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