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Chase ends in three arrests in Namur

The Namur Public Prosecutor’s Office has indicated that three individuals are suspected of having committed several burglaries during the night of Saturday through to Sunday in the Namur region. They were arrested for questioning by police on Sunday morning. This followed a police chase.

On Sunday morning, whilst the police wanted to check the identities of three occupants of a vehicle, two such occupants fled. Initially the car had sped along the N4 and resumed the Liège road in the direction of Andenne, before the driver lost control of the car, which hit a row of concrete blocks at the foot of a building.

Arriving on the premises, police noted that the driver had sustained an arm injury. The Deputy Public Prosecutor stated, “We are unaware whether this injury resulted from the actual crash or a prior incident.”

Whilst the driver was in the process of being arrested for questioning, the two other suspects had time to attempt to flee towards the rear hauling door, before themselves being arrested for questioning.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office added, “One of the police officers got out his weapon at this point but no shot was fired.” Neither individual resisted arrest, and their arrests were not violent. The three individuals are aged around thirty and suspected of a series of burglaries.

Moreover, further checks are in progress so as to establish if the individuals are connected to other thefts committed in the Namur police zone. They are currently being detained and for now will be held for police questioning.

The Brussels Times