Attempted murder between Kosovars in the Saint-Ghislain town centre

There was an attempted murder near the Grand Place in Saint-Ghislain at around 11:30pm on Saturday. The perpetrators have been arrested, but one of the victim’s lives is danger.

The incident which took place in the centre of Saint-Ghislain at around 11:30pm on Saturday is thought to be a revenge attack. The Mons-Tournai Prosecutor’s office has said that two individuals, a Kosovar and a Belgian woman, stabbed two other Kosovars.

“The shopkeepers immediately called the police, who quickly went to the scene and prevented a bloodbath”, the Mons-Tournai Prosecutor’s office has said.

The suspects were caught and arrested. They went before an Instruction judge on Sunday morning, as an arrest warrant had been issued.

One of the two victims is in intensive care and fighting for their life. The Prosecutor’s office has also said that the circumstances behind the revenge attack are still unclear.

(Source: Belga)

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