Graffiti on PM’s residence to denounce Theo Francken’s “clean-up”

Graffiti on PM’s residence to denounce Theo Francken’s “clean-up”

A wall of the Lambermont, the Prime Minister’s Brussels residence, was spray-painted with graffiti last night (Thursday night through to Friday morning). Its message targets the vocabulary used by the Secretary of State for Asylum and Immigration, Theo Francken (New Flemish Alliance), around police checks for illegal migrants in the Maximilian Park.

“Theo, kuis DIT op” (‘Theo, clean THIS up instead’), we could read on Friday morning, spray-painted using a black can of paint on a white wall.

Theo Francken gave rise to a new controversy last week by using the hashtag “opkuisen” (Dutch for ‘to clean up’), when tweeting about the arrests of illegal immigrants in the Maximilian Park and the Brussels-Gare du Nord. The Opposition went into something of a rage with the use of this vocabulary which even the Prime Minister, Charles Michel, had described as “inappropriate.”

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