Affected Ryanair passengers can lodge complaints – Minister Bellot

Affected Ryanair passengers can lodge complaints – Minister Bellot
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Reacting to plans by the low-cost carrier, Ryanair, to cut at least 2,000 flights by the end of October, the Minister of Mobility, François Bellot, and the Mobility Federal Public Service (FPS) recalled on Friday that affected passengers could file complaints with the Department. Contacting Ryanair is, however, the first step to take.

“Since 2005, for any means of travel whatsoever, passengers’ rights are in force throughout the European Union,” the Minister and the Department recalled.  “In our country, the Mobility and Transport FPS monitors the rights of passengers and is also the intermediary between passengers and transport companies in any discussion on compensation.”

The Mobility FPS is in fact competent for flights leaving Belgian airports and incoming flights originating from non-EU countries other than Norway, Iceland and Switzerland.

If a flight is cancelled or delayed, the first step is to contact the airline’s customer service. If it does not respond within six weeks, or if its response is deemed unconvincing, the passenger can contact the Passenger Rights service of the Mobility FPS and fill in an online complaint form.

It takes an average of four to six weeks for the complaint to be processed, according to the Mobility Federal Public Service. There is also a grid on the interface of the FPS so that the passenger can have an idea of the amount of compensation he or she can expect. Such compensation is only given for flights cancelled less than two weeks before departure.

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