2016: Antwerp deals with more than 25% of global rough diamonds

2016: Antwerp deals with more than 25% of global rough diamonds
Antwerp processed 27.16% of rough diamonds in the world last year.

Antwerp remains the global leader for trade in rough diamonds. Recent figures from the Kimberley Process, an authority which fights against blood diamonds, evidence this. The EU was represented at a figure of 99.9% by the city of Antwerp alone. The city processed 27.16% of global rough diamonds last year. Comparative figures for India and Dubai were 19.12% and 15.62%.

In total during 2016, Antwerp processed $48.05 billion of rough and cut diamonds. The Antwerp diamond sector employs 6,600 people in around 1,700 businesses linked to the diamond industry.

Indirectly, the sector provides jobs for 20,000 people within the hotel and catering sector, transport and even insurance. This figure is stable, whilst jobs were lost over several years in diamond cutting, which mainly relocated to India. 

As part of the diamond sales process, 84% of rough diamonds, and 50% of cut diamonds in the world, go through Antwerp. This sector represents 5% of all Belgian exports.

Annually, around 134 million carats (1 carat equates to 0.2 grams) are made by producing countries. These are Russia, Botswana, Canada, Australia, Congo and even Angola.

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