More than 100,000 euros paid for old Belgian bank notes at auction

750 old Belgian bank notes were sold at an auction held at Hilton Grand Place Hotel. They went for a total of 109,000 euros. The sale of bank notes and shares from around 100 countries raised 175,000 euros, according to Mario Boone from auction house The Scripophily Centre.

The most expensive item was a 1,000 franc note from 1918, with a portrait of the artist Rubens. It sold for no less than 13,500 euros (plus 20% costs). The oldest note was a five franc note from 1848. It was emitted by the Société Générale de Belgique as the National Bank didn’t exist yet. It sold for 8,000 euros.

The best bargain among the shares was a Union Minère share from 1920, which sold for 8,500 euros (plus costs). A share from the French East India Company dated 1777 sold for 10,000 euros (plus costs).

(Source: Belga)

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