Brabant slaughters: all colleagues of “Titan” questioned

Brabant slaughters: all colleagues of “Titan” questioned
The Groupe Diane units, and the local Alost police where the suspect's career ended, have all been questioned.

The dozens of colleagues of Christiaan B. who has now died, and is suspected of being the “Titan” of the so-called “Brabant Killers”, have been questioned by the police. The elite Groupe Diane units and the local police in Alost, where the suspect ended his career, have been questioned in equal measure. This was reported on Monday in Het Laatste Nieuws.

The investigators are thought to have started by tracking and contacting all of police officers who were part of the Groupe Diane at the end of the 1970s and at the beginning of the 1980s. In 1986, hearings for these individuals had been conducted, without the investigation bearing any fruit. This was the view of the investigating judge at the time.

In addition to these individuals, around thirty former colleagues from the local Alost police were questioned.

The daily publication further reports upon the views of Christiaan B’s brother. He confirms that the former police officers Madani Bouhouche and Robert Beijer came to their house in Dendermonde. The links that these latter two individuals had with the “Brabant Killers” have been mentioned previously.

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