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Corporate tax reform gives a positive signal to investors

The corporate tax reform approved at first reading this Sunday by the Federal Government Chief Ministers is “a good measure to make investment more attractive in Belgium,” the Federation of Enterprises Belgium (FEB) Chief Executive Officer Pieter Timmermans was happy to say. The Ministers’ Small Council decided on Sunday evening to adjust the draft legislation on the tax on securities accounts, to comply with the State Council recommendation. The ministers also approved at first reading a bill on stimulus, which includes a corporate tax reform (Isoc).

The FEB warmly applauds this last measure. “It is important that after a year and a half of discussion, a decision has been made at last,” Mr. Timmermans comments. “They also talk about it in France and in The Netherlands, but we now have a decision.”

Corporate taxes will decrease from around 34 to 25%. For the SMEs, it will even drop down to 20%. “Up until now, we were among the highest taxed countries in Europe. Now, we will revert to the average,” the delegated executive officer praises. A positive signal for investors, he considers.

This measure will facilitate the creation of jobs, he also maintains, even if it is yet too soon to provide estimates.  

The Brussels Times