Flemish broadcast “Sorry voor alles” awarded International Emmy

On Monday evening, the Flemish broadcast Sorry Voor Alles, broadcast on the channel Eén, by the public broadcasting Dutch-speaking service (VRT), was awarded an International Emmy award. This was for the best unscripted entertainment broadcast.

The series Callboys, broadcast in Flanders on the channel Vier, was also nominated in the “Comedy” category but did not win. The broadcast Sorry Voor Alles (which may be translated as “Sorry for everything”), is a broadcast produced by Warner Bros Belgium. The designer, Kamiel De Bruyne, and the presenter, Adriaan Van den Hoof, attended the ceremony in New York.

In the main award categories, the Brit, Kenneth Branagh, won best actor for his role as an inspector in the BBC series Wallander. Amongst the women, Anna Friel won an award for her role in the series Marcella.

A television-film broadcast on France 2, Ne M’abandonne Pas (“Do not abandon me”), which deals with deradicalisation, won the category for television-films or mini-series. The director of Ne M’abandonne Pas, Xavier Durringer (who also directed La Conquête) spoke of being “delighted, as this was such a difficult subject to treat, so highly political.” He believes that “this is the first time that anyone has made a television-film on deradicalisation.”

A British documentary about the long journey of asylum seekers in Europe, Exodus: Our Journey to Europe, left the award ceremony as the winner in its category.

The International Emmys are the international counterpart of the Emmy Awards, the prestigious awards for American television.

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