2 officers suspended in East Flanders: accusations of sexual immorality

2 officers suspended in East Flanders:  accusations of sexual immorality
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Two officers from the Assenede-Evergem intervention corps have been temporarily suspended. This follows an anonymous letter alleging them to be the perpetrators of sexual practices upon one or more colleagues. The Ghent Public Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation studying the possible involvement of a third officer. A policewoman from the Evergem station was amongst the victims. The Mediahuis publications have stated this on Friday.

The mayors of the Assenede-Evergem police zone received an anonymous letter to this effect on October 11th. These sexual practices were forced upon individuals, possibly occurred between colleagues. The letter may have been sent by the policewoman’s family circle.

Although the letter was unsigned, the names of three officers were mentioned. They were members of the intervention corps of the East Flanders police zone. They are thought to have encouraged a colleague, the identity of whom is also mentioned in the letter, to submit to given sexual acts at the Evergem station. This occurred during station operating hours.

The chain of authority in the police corps is taking the contents of the letter seriously. It has immediately suspended two officers, pending the findings of the investigation. This is being led by the Inspectorate General of the Local and Federal Police Forces, directed by the Ghent Public Prosecutor.

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