Minister Crucke says “Nobody appears to be questioning nuclear decommissioning in 2025”

Minister Crucke says “Nobody appears to be questioning nuclear decommissioning in 2025”
Jean-Luc Crucke is pleased with the current move towards nuclear decommissioning.

On Wednesday, Jean-Luc Crucke, the Walloon Minister for Energy, said, “Nobody now appears to be questioning nuclear decommissioning in 2025.” He was being questioned upon the Inter-federal Energy Pact project, upon arriving at the plenary session for the Walloon parliament.

The MR minister, who negotiated this inter-ministerial document, submitted for approval by the federal and regional governments, was not ignoring the warnings from two New Flemish alliance deputies. They were stating that the Flemish Nationalists would not approve this energy pact between the federal and Flemish governments, owing to uncertainties around the costs of nuclear decommissioning and the securing of alternative energy supplies.

Mr Crucke stated to Belga, “I have indeed read the statements by the Prime Minister (Charles Michel) which confirm the path of the negotiation, and I am pleased with it. This is because nobody now appears to be questioning our line of thinking, namely decommissioning nuclear power in 2025.”

He says that the New Flemish Alliance is not questioning the nuclear decommissioning, “but it is requesting a budgetary assessment.” He went on, “That means that we have already moved to the second phase. Before such an assessment, we must first be fully agreed upon what we want to do, and nothing will change this quicker than the prospect of a budgetary assessment.” Mr Crucke warned, “However we must pay attention, as the more we wait, the more this assessment will cost.”

The tone of the MR minister conflicts with the ideas held earlier by the President of the Walloon parliament, André Antoine (cdH). He was asking “...when the federal government was going to stop dancing to the tune of the New Flemish Alliance.” Mr Michel then appealed to the regions for them to indicate how to execute nuclear decommissioning.”

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