Special focus on Morocco in 2018 in Wallonia-Brussels

Special focus on Morocco in 2018 in Wallonia-Brussels
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Morocco will be highlighted throughout 2018 through more than 50 events organized in Wallonia-Brussels by Wallonia-Brussels International (WBI), APEFE (Association for the Promotion of Education and Training Overseas) and AWEX, the Walloon Agency for export and overseas investment. The three institutions will conduct these activities in the two regions “to highlight the quality of present and future collaboration between the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, Wallonia and the Kingdom of Morocco.” The special highlight of the year will be a mission to Morocco in late November, led by Princess Astrid and organized by the Federal Government together with the three regions.

Various institutions, including cultural organizations, universities, poles of excellence, business clusters and local authorities, will propose activities throughout the year to strengthen the dialogue around a community of shared values, the WBI explained.

These activities will be organized around different themes: innovation, women, Francophonie, culture, youth, environment, and economic development. About 100 public and private enterprises will be mobilized to finalize the events, whose number is expected to increase during the year.

“The decision to focus on Morocco seemed self-evident; among other things, it is one of Wallonia-Brussels’ 11 priority partner countries,” the general director of international relations for Wallonia-Brussels explained. “Above and beyond the strong diplomatic ties, intercultural dialogue is important and it is strengthened by the Moroccan diaspora in Belgium. There is also a great deal of collaboration in various sectors. We wish to highlight and deepen it.”

AWEX has also made Morocco its target market for 2018, with a significant number of specific actions in the areas of promotion and commercial exploration. This programme, which aims to support Walloon companies in their plans to export to Morocco, will culminate in the organization of Princess Astrid’s mission.

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