Tortured Sudanese – the Ecolo-Greens call for explanations from the Prime Minister

State Secretary Theo Francken gave a statement about the deportations of Sudanese nationals on Friday evening. On Saturday morning, the Ecolo-Greens called on Prime Minister Charles Michel to tell people how much he knew.

“Only the Prime Minister can clarify the situation. He now has to tell people how much he did and didn’t know about the Sudanese cases”, the Ecolo-Greens told the Chamber in a press release.

The Greens have said that the CD&V has “admitted Theo Francken retained information”. “If the Prime Minister doesn’t come clean soon, this Francken problem will become a Michel problem”, says MP Kristof Calvo.

After an emergency Home Affairs Commission meeting held on Friday evening at the request of the opposition, the Ecolo-Greens think the N-VA State Secretary for Asylum and Immigration didn’t always give the head of government correct information. This forced him to make “false declarations” to the Chamber on Thursday.

The Greens say “the CD&V came to the same conclusion”. The Greens highlighted the fact the case raised a human rights issue. “Cooperating with the Omar el-Béchir regime (the Sudanese government) is going too far”.      

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