Sudanese tortured – Mr. Michel rejects all “blackmail” and “provocation”

Sudanese tortured – Mr. Michel rejects all “blackmail” and “provocation”
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The Prime Minister Charles Michel revealed Monday a “firm” position vis-à-vis the four parties of the government coalition, still agitated by the question of the fate reserved for the Sudanese after their repatriation, rejecting in particular all blackmail or provocation coming from the opposition or majority. “Blackmail does not impress me, nor do threats or provocation,” he stated before the mike of the private radio Bel-RTL, which had him as its morning guest. Mr. Michel (MR) was questioned on remarks made Sunday by the N-VA President Bart De Wever, who launched a warning to his colleagues of the federal majority: if his secretary of State for Asylum and Migration, Theo Francken, must resign, then the nationalist party will also leave the Government.

The Prime Minister also denounced the “provocations” expressed by the deputy Eric Van Rompuy (CD&V), who too affirmed Sunday that Mr. Michel had become N-VA’s “puppet”. “The issue of migration, the issue of asylum, deserve much better than quarrels of egos, large or small,” the Head of the Federal Government lashed out, reminding of the commitment of his team to “protect our borders (…) in a humane fashion” and in respect of European and international migratory obligations. 

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