Record year for Flemish arms exports

Record year for Flemish arms exports
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Flemish arms exports to non-European countries more than doubled last year, jumping from 29.9 million euros to 69.9 million euros and setting a new record, De Tijd newspaper reported on Friday, quoting monthly reports by the Foreign Affairs Department. The new record, which was slightly higher than the previous one, set in 2015, was due to “a few big contracts with the United States”, according to Diederik Cops of the Vlaams Vredesinstituut (Flemish Peace Institute).

The United States was by far the main purchaser, importing 53.7 million euros’ worth of Belgian arms last year, followed by Brazil and Indonesia. The purchases included not only weaponry as such, but also – and especially – technology such as screens, equipment for military planes, and night-vision devices for weapons.

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