Flanders wild wolf probably killed two Meerhout sheep

Flanders wild wolf probably killed two Meerhout sheep
Wolves can travel 80 km in one night, so the one whose pawprints were detected in Flanders may already have left the country. Credit: © Belga© Belga

The spotting of the wolf, a few days ago in Belgium, thus signifies the official return of this animal in the country. It is thought to have killed two sheep in Meerhout, within the Antwerp province. The female wolf also appears to have injured a third sheep. This was indicated on Sunday evening by the Flemish third sector organisation, Landschap.

The association said that the female wolf, Naya, has been in Belgium for nearly three weeks. She had crossed the border from Germany. The wolf appears to have found a place to stay between Bourg-Léopold and Beringen (in the Limburg province). It had run some 500 kilometres in ten days.

The organisation says that the “hiking wolf” now appears to be on the road. Two sheep were killed, during the night of Friday through to Saturday, on a farm in Meerhout. A third was seriously injured. Landschap says, “All the signs are that this was a wolf attack. Consequently, the link with Naya was quickly established.”

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That having been said, an investigation is needed to show whether the suspected animal (Naya) indeed perpetrated the attack. If this is proven to be the case, the farmer affected may be able to claim compensation from the Flemish Countryside and Forestry Commission.

The third sector organisation further states that it does not know where Naya is at the present time. The charity explains that wolves prefer wild prey, such as roe deer or the wild boar. However, the organisation goes on to explain that such prey flee quickly. The association also says that if it has the possibility to attack a tame sheep, an opportunist wolf will sometimes choose this option. Consequently, it recommends shutting up cattle as a precaution during the night.

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