Puigdemont, ex-ministers meet with lawyers in Waterloo

Puigdemont, ex-ministers meet with lawyers in Waterloo

Carles Puigdemont and four of his former ministers, in exile in Belgium since late October last, met with their lawyers on Friday in the house leased by the deposed Catalan president in Waterloo. The Deputy Speaker of Catalonia’s parliament, Josep Costa, a member of Puigdemont’s defence team, and the lawyer for former minister Toni Comín, Gonzalo Boye, participated in the meeting, as did a member of the Catalan police who always accompanies Puigdemont and the latter's personal adviser, businessman Josep Maria Matamala.

Sources in the “Together for Catalonia” parliamentary group confirmed the meeting, which began at about 10.00 a.m. It was held to prepare the legal defence of the pro-independence Catalan leaders.

Although he was deposed by Madrid on the 27th of October last and a warrant was issued for his arrest for “rebellion” and “sedition”, Puigdemont was reelected at regional elections on the 27th of December, with his list placing first in the separatist camp.  He plans to govern Catalonia from a distance, since he is likely to be arrested if he goes back to Spain.

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